Henry & The SeaHawks: (2001-Present) Seasoned with SALT and armored in LIGHT, Henry has lived up to the terms "Work Horse" and "War Horse". He’s had the good fortune of making five records with various line-ups of SeaHawks showcasing a wide variety of influences from a rich palette of diverse rhythms, plush textures and stirring melodies. 

A singer/song-writer, Henry’s skillfully combined elements of Country, Southern Rock, Latin, Bluegrass, Jazz and R&B into a "beach-town and Spiritually inspired sea-food gumbo!" ~ Edge Of The Blue, his latest effort, produced by multi-Grammy nominee David Malloy with Tim Johnson (also a #1 HIT song-writer) was recorded with an assembly of the finest and most sought after musicians in Country music. In addition to the three studio records, the band has recorded two "LIVE!" records as well. 

Legends like Waylon Jennings and The Marshall Tucker Band as well as current stars like Zac Brown and Billy Currington are just a few of the acts Henry’s shared billing with. The SeaHawks "LIVE!" shows at The Tin Roof in downtown Nashville, were also the stuff of underground legend attracting the likes of Toby Keith, Clay Walker and even Jon Bon-Jovi to "sit-in" with this "entertainer’s entertainer". 

The SeaHawks were also a wildly popular band amongst the big SEC colleges and toured them extensively.


Henry’s hopes and dreams almost ended tragically in 2008 due to a serious over-all health breakdown, and the singer struggled to regain his physical and mental health for nearly five years. Having been DELIVERED by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST in the fall of 2012, Henry has made SUPERNATURAL recovery and is once again back in the saddle and waging WAR against the enemy via secular music with POSITIVE influence.

Other Seahawks not pictured:

Ted Basset Jr. (Guitars Vocals)
John "Woody" Woodward (Percussion)
Mark Kovaly (Keyboards/Vocals)
Aaron Thompson (Guitars)
Wes Hightower (Background Vocals)
Chip Davis (Background Vocals)
Mickey Jack Jones (Background Vocals)
Greg Morrow (Drums)
Eric Darken (Percussion)
Lucio Rubino (Bass/Vocals)
Thomas Yankton Mingua (Guitars)
Jim Horn ( Various Horns, Whistles)
Jeff King (Guitars)
Mike Johnson (Pedal Steel/Dobro)
Glen Duncan (Fiddle Mandolin)
Scott Floyd (Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals)
Greg Perkins (Fiddle, Banjo, Pedal Steel)

Spady "Spuds" Brannan (Bass)

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