January 5, 2018

Hey y'all! I'm so over-joyed to announce that I have a recent addition to my family in the form of an adorable little puppy named, "BANJO!" ... He's AWESOME! 


He's a mini Rat Terrier but prefers the term "Rat-wieller!" He only weighs about 3.5 lbs and will only weigh about 5 lbs when he's full grown. 


His official name is "Merle" because his coat is called a "Blue Merle." He has one blue eye and one black eye. And his coat is white, grey, black with some cute brown eye-brows. I named him after the famous 

Country Music Legend, Merle Haggard... But we decided he's way too cute to call, "Merle," so we've

nicknamed him, "BANJO!" which totally suits him.


But I came to find out a few days AFTER I brought him home that the Country icon, Merle Haggard, had a 

little dog that looked just like Banjo whose name is "Tuffy!"... I feel this is a good omen of some sort!


Banjo loves music and came to my first 3 weeks full of gigs... He also recently came in the studio with me

while I was working on my debut record as "HENRY JOE SOLO"... We did a tribute to Glen Campbell, and

I recorded, "Gentle On My Mind"... I did 3 vocal takes, and on the 2nd one, which was the best, I was holding

little "Banjo" the whole time! So although we didn't record a "Banjo" part like Glen's original HIT, we still 

have a lil "Banjo" on the track! HA! 





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